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LED Light Therapy

Red Light

Promotes Anti-ageing.

Increased hydration from the inside out, firming effect to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skins surface, promote production of Collagen and Elastin fibres, great for preventative ageing as well as active ageing and repair.

Blue Light

Promotes Anti-acne.

Oxygenating photon energy to rid the skin of p-acne causing bacteria for clear skin, great for skin looking to break the acne cycle.

Green Light

Promotes Evens skin tone.

Helps to even out skin pigmentation and redness, great for skin looking for a whitening and brightening effect.

Yellow Light

Promotes Redness Reduction.

Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, sunburn, great for skins prone to redness and sensitivity.

Cyan Light

Promotes Soothing.

Calming and purifying, great for teenage skins that have been using stripping cleansers with angry pimples and breakouts.

Orange Light

Promotes Revitalisation.

Combines Red and Yellow, great for skins age 40+ prone to redness, dry skin and ageing.

Purple Light

Promote Cell Rejuvenation

Combines Red and Blue, great for skins age 20+ prone to adult acne and looking to preventative ageing.

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