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Luxury Beauty salon in Parramatta, offering the best treatments from best spray tans,
 tattoo removal, carbon facials, IPL Hair reduction using Alpha-H products. 


How long do i need to leave it on?
We have options of 1-4 hrs or 6-8hrs 

How do i prepare for my tan?
For best results:
  • Have all hair removal done 24-48hrs prior
  • Shower + Exfoliate with a glove.
  • Make sure all residue from shampoo/conditioner or any scrubs is gone.
  • Wash hair (hair nets are provided)
  • No moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make-up.
  • Bring loose, dark clothing to change into. (jeans, tights & sneakers aren't ideal)

How do i look after my Spray tan?

Only leave your spray tan on for the suggested amount of time, leaving it on longer can result in it over developing.

First shower:

  • Have a quick, warm (not hot) 45 second rinse in the shower
  • DO NOT use any products or wash your hair
  • Pat dry (don't rub)
The longer you leave it for your next shower the better.
Next shower:
  • Wash as usual using sulphate free products.
  • Don't exfoliate, shave or wax as this may remove tan.
  • Pat dry
  • Moisturise twice daily.

Products used:
Mine-Tan + Solaire

What is Primer?
  • Prepares your skin for the perfect tan.
  • Rehydrate and balance the skin's pH levels
  • Boosts DHA development (what makes you brown), providing faster and longer-lasting tanning results!

What is Setting Spray?
  • Helps set tan and adds 1-2 days
  • Adds Anti-oxidants + moisture

Which Spray tan is best for me?
One of our therapists will do a consultation with you and work out what tan is going to best. 
Choose from:
Bridal Glow - Green based
Violet - Violet based
Ash - Charcoal based
X40 - Mix of Green, Violet & Charcoal

Tan extenders can be used to extend the life of your tan even longer.

Hair nets, Disposable G-strings and Sticky feet are provided with each Spray tan.